What sets ATS apart in repair services is the quality level of our multi-skilled repair technicians. Our goal is to provide you with better-than-new warranted parts with one of the best warranties in the business—1-year in use and 5-years on the shelf. To give you top-quality repairs service, our technicians use a proactive repair process to not only fixes broken components, but also to replace suspicious components. Technicians are trained to determine root cause of component failure and often re-engineer parts. ATS' state-of-the-art repair facilities have the capability to not only repair components, but also test them within their true operating environment. Our repair centers are both ISO 9001 registered and the calibration labs are ISO 17025 accredited.

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With one-year in-service and 5-years on the shelf, ATS gives you one of the best warranties in the business. And since ATS provides a “better than new” pledge on every repair, your parts come back to you gently packed, repainted and ready for service.

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Find out how ATS can be you single source for industrial repairs. Take a tour of our service center and discover the depth and professionalism of ATS’ world-class repair centers. ATS has incredible in-house capabilities to handle all your repair needs. From state-of-the-art ball screw repairs to complex electronics, PLCs, CNCs and everything in between, ATS can be your affordable single source for high quality, affordable repairs. So call us for fast professional quote and get the reliable repairs you’ve been looking for.

  • Servo Motors AC, DC, spindle or vector, ATS has the technical expertise to work on all your servo motors. That means you can have confidence that our windings will be meggered and surge tested, with mechanical fits measured and checked for tolerance.
  • Terminals & Monitors ATS provides repair and refurbishing service for a wide range of OEMs at a price and turnaround time the OEM can’t come close to matching. And for hard to find terminals and controls, our brokerage and sourcing team can locate parts fast and efficiently.
  • Controls From PLC to CNC to DCS controls, ATS can be you single source for reliable industrial control repairs. We have expertise on over 100 OEM brands. And through our repair process that duplicates and eliminates errors, we give you a repair backed by our one-year, in-service warranty.
  • Valves From flow control to proportional, directional valves and more, ATS provides evaluation, testing and guaranteed repairs back by the one-year in service, 5- year on the shelf warranty.
  • Ball Screws With expertise on over 3,000 ball screws, our team can repair, reverse-engineer or manage all your ball screw needs to help you avoid future downtime. ATS repairs ball screws from many OEMs including 20th Century, Barnes, Threadcraft, Fischer, SKF and more.
  • Circuit Boards No matter what your circuit board needs, ATS can handle the latest technology. From large-scale integration, surface-mount or multi-layered to older obsolete technology. ATS capabilities include PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash ROM, FPGA, PLD, CPLD and FPLA.
  • Electronics For the finest repairs done at the component level, ATS provides service on a wide variety of electronics. On old or new technology, our repair team provides fast, reliable service and proprietary testing so that you know your device will perform up to spec.
  • Drivers & Starters Because reducing energy consumption is important to efficient manufacturing, ATS can assure you that your motors and drives will operate at the most efficient level possible. Large or small, our service centers handle load drives with a large variety of motors up to 500 horsepower.
  • Spindles Looking for a turnkey approach to spindle repairs? ATS can repair any motorized or non-motorized spindle regardless of RPM. And through our high quality process, we can extend the life of your spindle—sometimes, beyond the life of the OEM designed.
  • PanelMate No need to upgrade or buy new expensive interfaces. PanelMate ePro is here to stay. And now it comes with more support and faster turnaround on repairs, too. That’s because Advanced Technology Services Inc., (ATS) the leader in factory maintenance services, industrial parts repair and innovative IT solutions, acquired PanelMate Power Pro and ePro Operator Interface from Eaton Corporation. The acquisition provided a seamless transition for distributors and customers alike. ATS is a highly valued, longtime partner with Eaton and has been manufacturing the units and providing same-day or next-day delivery since July 2012. Now customers can expect the same level of service, plus added opportunities for exchanges and repairs in ATS’ state-of-the-art repair center in Peoria, Illinois.


Have you ever been frustrated trying to find one-of-kind or hard to find parts? If so, ATS understands your pain. From drives to PLC's, we have team of professionals ready to assitance in your search. Since ATS works with a wide range of suppliers and has access to more than 160 customer part inventories worldwide, we have the knowledge and expertise to quickly locate and deliver the part you require in order to get your plant back up and running for reduced downtime.

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